Friends of the School

"It takes a village to raise a child"

Glen Oroua Friends of the School (FOTS) is made up of a group of parents, caregivers and interested persons from the wider school community.  All of these people have a shared interest in volunteering their time to the school, through fundraising and helping to run school events.


Glen Oroua Friends of the School aims to:

  • provide a link between the student/school, the home, parents and the community

  • bring parents and teachers together in school events

  • help raise funds, in order to provide improved facilities and opportunities for members of the school community

  • serve the school and community through social activities, encouraging unity and harmony


FOTS holds short constructive meetings 4 or 5 times a year.  In 2023 their biggest fundraiser was the (usually annual)  Trail Ride held at the end of Term 1 at Pukemarama Farm.  The group welcomes and encourages full involvement from all school families.

You can also follow them on Facebook here - Glen Oroua Friends of the School 


Chairperson: Anna Hunter

Secretary: Lidia Rogers

Treasurer: Kylee Webb-Harris