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Curriculum and Student Achievement Policy

The Glen Oroua School board of trustees (BOT) fosters student achievement by providing teaching and learning programmes which incorporate the New Zealand Curriculum (essential learning areas, essential skills, and attitudes and values) as expressed in The New Zealand Curriculum 2007 or Te Marautanga o Aotearoa.

Curriculum areas are:

  • The Arts (music, drama, visual arts)
  • English
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology 
  • Social Studies

Digital technology is used throughout the curriculum as a learning tool in reading, writing, maths, spelling and for research and word processing. Each class has the opportunity to participate in gardening activities once a fortnight, either with the vegetable gardens or in the Native Area. The school also incorporates Te Reo Maori in each classroom.

In addition to this, our Y7&8 students attend Manual at Monrad Intermediate in Palmerston North every second Thursday, as well as being involved in National Young Leaders Day and the biennial Lions "Kids N Us" program.  Our senior room students are also involved with PrEP (Primary Enterprise Programme) provided by Enterprise NZ, where the students operate their own functioning community, creating and running ventures/businesses supplying goods and/or services to others in their own community.

To view our full Curriculum and Student Achievement Policy see here:


Glen Oroua School's Charter details our aims for the school, and our proposed methods for achieving them. Its ultimate aim is to provide the best learning outcomes for each student. It is a living document, developed in consultation with the school community, and is focused on our core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, resilience and personal excellence, with strategic goals around continual improvement of teaching and learning.


At Glen Oroua School we use SchoolDocs to manage our school policies.   They are reviewed regularly via a 3-year review schedule and we have the ability to personalise policies for our particular circumstances and situation, although most of them are representative of a large number of NZ schools.  Using SchoolDocs enables us to be confident that our policies are always up to date and comply with all current education legislation.

To view our policies and procedures please go to glenoroua.schooldocs.co.nz

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2019 Annual Report

Glen Oroua School Annual Report for the year ending 31 December 2019 can be viewed here:

2019 Financial Statement

A copy of Glen Oroua School's financial statements for 2019, as sent to the Ministry of Education 31st May 2019, can be viewed here:

ERO Report

The purpose of the Education Review Office (ERO)'s external evaluations is to give parents, whanau and the wider school community assurance about the quality of education children and young people receive.  ERO reports on the equity and excellence of learning outcomes for all students and for specific groups including Maori students, Pacific students and students with additional learning needs.  This includes a focus on accelerating learning for those students who need it.  ERO also reports on the quality and effectiveness of the school's processes and practices for continuing and sustaining improvement.

"Leaders seek and value the views of students, families and the wider community.  These are well considered when making decisions about curriculum and improvement.  There is strong support from families and high levels of community involvement in the life of the school.  Parents and families contribute to the success of a range of school activities.

Parents are well informed about their child's progress and achievement through the way teachers report on share student's success.

Children experience a broad curriculum that effectively enacts the school's vision, values and priorities.  It reflects the local context, while endeavouring to broaden students' understanding of the wider world through providing children with regular experiences outside the classroom."

(from Glen Oroua School ERO Report, December 2017)

A copy of the last two full ERO reports can be viewed below:

Health and Safety

Glen Oroua School is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being, as far as is practicable, of students, employees, and visitors both at school and when away from the school on school business. 

For our full Health, Safety, and Welfare Policy please see:

School Brochure

To view a copy of our school brochure please see below: