Our Glen Oroua Curriculum

Glen Oroua School provides teaching and learning programmes which incorporate the New Zealand Curriculum (essential learning areas, essential skills, and attitudes and values) as expressed in The New Zealand Curriculum 2007, and the refreshed NZ curriculum as it is rolled out.

Curriculum areas are:

  • The Arts (music, drama, visual arts)20220331 140701
  • English
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Learning Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Science and Technology 
  • Social Studies

Digital technology is used throughout the curriculum as a learning tool for processing information and creating with and also as they learn to think computationally. Recently we have joined the Enviroschools community, and students are developing ways that this can be incorporated into their learning - currently through a gardening challenge and re-invigorating our compost heaps. The school incorporates te reo Māori in each classroom.

In the last few year we have been implementing Structured Literacy, seeing great gains with our juniors and within our programmes for older readers and writers needed extra support.

In addition to this, our Y7&8 students attend 'Tech' at Longburn Adventist College every Thursday - learning about cooking, hard materials, design & communication technology and photography in four blocks across the year.  Our Rākau class  also create their own MarQet Days, where they operate their own functioning community, creating and running ventures/businesses supplying goods and/or services to others in their own community, named QZealand.

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We are currently documenting our local curriculum, so watch this space for more information about what our learning programmes are like at Glen Oroua School.