Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the Crown entity responsible for the governance and the control of the management of the school.  The Board's key areas of contribution are in Representation, Leadership, Accountability, and the Employer Role.  It is responsible for student achievement (monitored through data and analysis in the Principal's report) and setting the strategic direction of the school (through our charter and policies).

Board meetings are generally held on the third and eighth Thursday of every school term, with an extra meeting in the first week of term 1 and the sixth week of term 4.  Notice of meetings is in the school newsletter.

Elections are held every three years and any parent or community member may stand as long as they are nominated by a parent or caregiver of a currently enrolled student.  The BOT recently adopted the staggered election cycle which means that 3 parent representative trustees are elected in a trienniel election year (any year divisible by 3), and 2 parent representative trustees are elected during a mid-term election.   

If you think you might be interested in becoming a trustee please check out this 3 minute video from the New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA):

Our current Board of Trustees are:

Kate Saunders

 Staff Rep

Raylene Franks

Raylene has been Principal at GO School since 2007. While the BOT determines the “what” in terms of GO School's strategic direction and goals, as CEO Raylene is in charge of the “how”, through her role of managing the school to meet our strategic and achievement goals.

Marcel Holtslag

Marcel is a parent representative trustee and has been on the board since 2016. He has four children currently attending Glen Oroua School and has recently been elected as Board Chair for which he assumes the role of spokesperson for the Board.  The Board Chair role includes running the BOT meetings, meeting regularly with the Principal, overseeing school policy reviews, and making sure that Board work gets done.

Andy Davis

Andy has been a parent representative trustee on the Board of Trustees since 2014 and has three children on the role at Glen Oroua School.  She is our Finance trustee and works together with the Principal and Office Administrator on monitoring and preparing the budget and reporting on finance to the board.

Andrew Pedley

Andrew has recently been elected to the Board of Trustees as a parent representative trustee.  With a long standing family connection to the school as a former student himself, Andrew currently has three children attending Glen Oroua School.   In addition to his role in governance, Andrew manages the PR portfolio and is responsible for sourcing sponsorship and advertising for the school newsletter.



Cassandra Archer

Cassandra is a parent representative trustee recently elected to the Board.  She has three children currently attending Glen Oroua School and looks after the Health and Safety portfolio in addition to her governance role.  Her role includes monitoring Health & Safety concerns alongside the Principal.

Dion Fleming

Dion has recently been elected to the Board of Trustees as a parent representative trustee.  He has one child attending Glen Oroua School and has been given responsibility to manage the property portfolio in addition to his governance role.  This includes organising working bees as necessary, monitoring health & safety concerns relating to property, as well as property maintenance and capital works as guided by the 10 year Property Plan.