Gardening in Room 3

In Room 3 we have been growing, harvesting and eating produce from the school garden.

We  harvested, prepared and ate potato wedges.

 We followed  the instructions to make potato wedges.

























Our Potatoes.

First we got some potatoes from the garden.
Then we washed them.
Next Mrs Lightbourne chose some children to cut the potatoes.
Once they were cut some people put some salt and oil on them.
Next we put the potatoes in the oven.
After play we ate the potatoes with sauce.
I felt happy.
By Lilly.




Potato Day.
We went to the garden and we pulled the potatoes out of the garden.
The bucket was full of potatoes



Then we washed the potatoes really well.
Then we cut the potatoes.We put the oil in and we put the salt in.

Then we put the tray of potatoes in the oven.
Then we ate them with some sauce on it. They tasted delicious.
By Eva.