Room 1 Term 1

Hi, we are Abigail, Brianna and Tyla-rose. We are in Room 1, the senior class at Glen Oroua school. This term we had quite a few events and little class things on the events calendar which were… Top School, Te Kawau swimming sports and triathlon ,camp, and Kids ‘N Us (shooting, orienteering and fishing.) These are all fun events that we have all enjoyed so far this year.

Blog 1The Top School Competition in February was really challenging as the challenges were tougher than everyday life by far! But the good thing was that we won the shield!!!!

The Te Kawau School Cluster Swimming sports were tiring, because we had a lot of races, but fun at the same time as we supported our team mates every bit and everyone had a blast. We won the points cup for most points overall in this swimming competition.



Blog 2



Our camp in the Hawkes Bay this year was amazing, the food was great, the parent helpers were very helpful, and the experiences were unforgettable. We visited lots of interesting places, but probably everyone’s favourite trip was the tractor ride out to see the gannets at Cape Kidnappers.




Blog 3

Kids ‘N Us with Rongotea Lions was a great experience and we made lots of new friends from other schools at the same time, and we also got to learn new skills. The first activity was orienteering around the Esplanade using a map, our sense of direction and observation powers. Next, we did shooting at a rifle range and learnt all about firearm safety and shooting at a target. The final activity was fishing off the Foxton Wharf- it was awesome as we caught a lot of fish in some weird places but we all enjoyed hanging out and chatting while fishing!! Thanks to Rongotea Lions for organising Kids ‘N Us.

Carrying on the tradition, the Te Kawau Triathlon was hard but all the students pushed through and completed their goal.

This term has been a great start to the year and we can’t wait for the next 3 terms.