Kat Quin Merewether

The Weekly Blog

Monday 18th June 2018


On short notice the Y7 and 8s got invited to do a workshop with Kat Quinn Merewether. They all attended and were extremely interested.  I personally enjoyed it and I think the rest did too.


Kat’s biggest selling book is ‘Kuwi’s First Egg and she loves to show emotion through the eyes not the mouth which I thought was pretty neat. Kat had trouble trying to find a publisher because she wanted to give a majority of the money made off the books to Kiwi Conservation. So she then published her own books and sold thousands of copies.


Kat tried to change up her designs for her books and then she created Kiwicorn. She originally only wanted to illustrate books until she was encouraged to write one for the first time. Creating this was so hard that she needed a 3D model (to see all views of this kiwi) even though it was such a simple design. Would you believe that as a kid she hated writing? Who would have known?R2356956 00